Providing hardware, software and services to upgrade Gi DNS system - MobiFone Corporation

In an increasingly connected world, the need for robust and responsive network infrastructure is paramount. Recognizing this, NGSI has embarked on a notable project to upgrade the Gi Domain Name System (DNS) for MobiFone Corporation, one of Vietnam's leading telecommunications providers. Leveraging EfficientIP's pioneering solutions, we aim to enhance the DNS experience for MobiFone's vast subscriber base.

Project Overview:

The project entails a comprehensive swap of the existing Gi DNS system, presently managed by Infoblox, with EfficientIP's dynamic DNS solution. The intent is to provide superior DNS services to MobiFone's entire 3G and 4G subscriber base.

Achieving Impressive Metrics:

The upgraded system is designed to handle the significant traffic generated by MobiFone's 20 million subscribers. A key performance goal of this project is to ensure a response time of less than 100 milliseconds. Achieving this target will significantly enhance the user experience, enabling seamless browsing and reducing latency for millions of users.

Key Solutions:

  1. Hardware and Software Provision: NGSI is committed to providing cutting-edge hardware and software solutions from EfficientIP, a leading vendor in the network services domain. These state-of-the-art solutions are tailored to handle the high-volume traffic generated by MobiFone's subscribers efficiently.

  2. Comprehensive Services: Beyond hardware and software, NGSI provides a suite of services ranging from system design and installation to configuration, testing, and maintenance. Our experienced team works closely with MobiFone to ensure a seamless transition to the new system and provides ongoing support for optimal system performance.