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Following our strong desire of doing good things for others, NGSI made our first appearance in Vietnam and began our adventure around the world. We find that spreading technology matters. In emerging markets, the next-gen of technology and innovation will create amazing experiences for customers. So far, it is the biggest dream we cherish. We pride ourselves on connecting and combining solutions of smart world, technology, collaboration, security, hardware and software under hands of passionate young talents. 

After years satisfying thousands of customers in technology field, we understand it better than most. Now we are an eclectic bunch of creativity minds with a common goal. NGSI are always on the lookout for the best talent to join our enthusiastic, ambitious and performance-driven team.

Our journey

Establish with right people (2007)

Right people make a great company. We unify people based on their dreams, not their certificates. NGSI strive to bring out the best in ambitious members and inspire them to reach the greatest potential.

Advanced technologies

Take a shortcut to success" is a golden opportunity that the era of information technology has brought to NGSI. By "standing on the shoulders of giants" and non-stop learning, we always carry ground-breaking technological achievements in products and business management.

Expanding with partners

Strengthen relationships with global partners is always the top prority with NGSI. We successfully build a powerful team of partners not only varied in number, guaranteed of quality but also across many fields.

Work process

World-wide proven rules and regulations for work feasibility under the support of modern software have been adapting to NGSI, which contributes to our better results with less efforts and time invested.

NextGen Service Integration - a part of NGCORP (2019)

Main business: System Integration, Mobile Value Added Services, Services Consultant

Core values

Power is the ability to do good things for others. We embody the core values and behaviours in everything we do, delivering high performing campaigns and effective solutions time after time. Our team of experts take the time to truly understand the problem at hand to ensure our solutions achieve success. Our role is to deliver positive outcomes for businesses. We obsess over the meaningful of "Do good things" and take pride in working with clients who seek value expertise. With a reputation for being keen educators, we are always looking to inspire our team to do better by sharing best practice and knowledge wherever we can.


Innovation is a powerful force for changing the world. We appreciate the value of innovation through infinite expansion, connection and development.


We commit to invest into human and support local community. We carry a long-standing legacy of innovation and sustainability into the future



Le Ngoc Hoang


Nguyen Duc Tho


Doan Thanh Mai

Technical Director

Nguyen Minh Quan

Telco Sales Lead

Phan Thiet

Banking Sales Lead

Nguyen Thanh Long


Together, we are family. A career at NGSI is more than just a job. It is a place to grow inspiration. We offer a open space for innovation where you can make a difference.


NGSI is made up of a diverse group of people, but they all have the same common purpose


We are committed to creating a workforce that breaks with tradition and transform staff's everyday.

Work your way

We encourage staffs to reach new heights in their careers through continued personal development

We are on the lookout for the best talent. Get to know NGSI and join in the fun.