One software platform, accompanied by flexible platform and self-declaring feature without programming, compatible with all types of real estate projects on the market.

Optimizing costs for real estate businesse

Save 50% time of discussion, minimize data errors, reduce printing costs by 50% and speed up process in shopping cart up to 5 times. Also, reduce reporting time with the support of the intuitive and real-time reporting system.

Create competitive advantages

Ecoland creates competitive advantages for real estate businesses in the areas of digital transformation due to the systematization and transparency of project information for investors, agents, and individual customers.

Inter-Cloud-Connect solutions

Ecoland supports Open API standards to easily integrate with international cloud platforms such as PowerBI reporting platform, AWS infrastructure platform, SAP financial and accounting platform. In addition, Ecoland builds an integrated network with SaaS domestic services such as Stringee's customer service omnichannel platform, CyHome building operation platform, etc.